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About the Senior Ministry



Who is a Senior Adult?
 The choice was ours to make. According to our Bible study classes, eligibility starts at age 50. But your participation determines if you are a senior adult.
Bill Highsmith of Tusculum Hills Baptist Church puts it this way,
“For a successful Senior Adult Ministry, we cannot have the philosophy that, we have put in our time and now we will let others do it.”
According to the Bible, Lord Jesus does not have a timetable of usefulness at 55, or 65 or 75. We know that through the scriptures the Lord used people all the way through their entire life and that plan has not changed. This is what makes senior adults so viable and as important.
Because of the experiences and the years that senior adults have already served, a Senior Adult Ministry can be a very positive and a very exciting means of projecting the look of Senior Adults in our church. No apology is needed for being a Senior Adult.
What is the mission of a balanced Senior Adult Ministry? The list is not conclusive but it does contain spiritual enrichments, learning opportunities, ministry, socialization, physical fitness, mission involvement etc.
Senior adults today have many diversified interests and skills. The church that understands that and provides opportunities for them will be the church that reaches Senior Adults. This is our goal at First  Baptist  Church
in High Springs.
So, come on and join us. Having fun in Christ has nothing to do with age.


The Golden Warrior Team


Contact Information:
Pastor Tim Harris