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Student Choir

Welcome to the Student Choir Information Center
The Student choir is for students in grades 6 through 12. The choir sings a variety of music and sings once a month in or Worship services. Each year the choir makes plans to participate on a mission trip/ Mission Through the Arts (MTTA) at the end of the school year. We hope along with the message in music that each student will carry what they have learned and experienced through this mission trip with them for the rest of their lives. Being a servant is, being ready for whatever God asks us to do whenever and wherever we are.
We try and prepare teenagers to expect the unexpected and be ready to be flexible. Not everything at the mission(s) site may be set up according to our expectations, so we prepare them to “go with the flow.” That’s a lot like life. We never want to put God in a box. Sometimes what we have planned is not at all what God has in store for us to learn.
Come check us out on Sunday afternoons at 5:00. Registration is ongoing throughout the year. The Student Choir does not meet during the summer.
Student Choir meets Sundays from 5:00 – 5:50 p.m. beginning the end of August and continuing through the beginning of June after their Missions Through The Arts Mission Trip.

Contact Information:
David Rendeck