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Pray then Play Sports

Who We Are
Pray then Play Sports is the Christ-centered recreational ministry of First Baptist Church High Springs.  God has blessed us with the manpower and facilities to reach our community.  We have been able to show our community that Christians can have fun and be positive role models for kids and families.
We are demonstrating that sports are a great way to reach the kids and families in our community and that they will come to us.
Why Us
We have learned that sports are a great way to reach families for Christ and bring churched and unchurched people together.  We are providing sports related activities that bridge the relational gap between the church and the world.  One main difference between other local recreational groups and us is that we strive to share Jesus Christ with everyone that particpates in our activities.
Why Sports
No one has to convince the world to play sports.  Children and families everywhere participate in sports.  We simply asked why the church can't get involved in sports, as long as the gospel is given.  From our answer to this simple question, Pray then Play Sports has been developed.
Sports We Offer
Flag Football    Basketball      Volleyball        Tae Kwon Do
T Ball               Ultimate Frisbee
Need More Info
Please visit our website here. You will find the answers to most of your questions.  After browsing our site, please feel free to contact us here.