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The Way of Agape

This study is a unique and inspirational guide to understanding who we are as believers and practicing God’s way of loving in our own lives.
“The way of Agape teaches you about a new way of loving.  It’s a way of loving that is totally opposite from the way you have been used to, even as a Christian.It doesn’t matter how many scriptures you know, how many Bible studies you lead, or even how many books you write; it’s still a moment-by-moment choice to “love God” and to lay your life down to Him so that His love can be poured forth through you.”  -Nancy Missler
Leader: Catherine Estes 
Begins:  September 13, 2009
Textbook $14.95,  Workbook $6.95=$21.90 


(after discount $17.50 if seven sets of books are ordered)



Contact Information:
Cathrine Estes