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Life Support

Many churches have no plan for following p on new believers or church members and no comprehensive strategy for developing them.  Many leave it to chance, assuming Christians will automatically grow to maturity if they attend church services.  They think all they need to do is encourage people to show up at meetings and the jo is done.
Obviously, this isn't true.  Spiritual growth does not just happen once someone is saved.  Churches are filled with people who have attended services all their lives, yet are still spiritual babies.  An assimilated member is not the same as a mature member (Hebrews 5:12)
Spiritual growth is by intentional design.  It requires commitment and effort to grow.  A person must want to grow, decide to grow,and make an effort to grow.  Discipleship begins with a decision and it doesn't have to be complex decisions, just honest and true ones (Phillipians 2:12-13).
Becoming like Christ is the result of the commitments we make.  We become whatever we are committed to!  Without a commitment to grow, any growth that occurs wil be circumstantial, rather than intentional.  Spiritual growth is too important to be left to circumstance (Romans 6:13)
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