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Give Online

By clicking the link below, you will begin the online giving process.
On the first page you see, fill in the "purpose" of your giving, such as "tithe", "missions", "building fund", or other ministries at OCFA.  If you have several purposes, simply type "multiple."  After this you will fill in the total amount you desire to give to the church.
On the second page, you will be able to further direct your giving through a designation message if you so desire.
For example, a person may want to give a total of $500 to OCFA, but designate $100 of that amount to missions.  The person would type "multiple" in the "purpose" space on the first page, then type "$400 to tithes, $100 to missions" as a designation message on the second page.
If the same person desired to designate missions giving to specific missionaries or projects, they may type something like "multiple" on the first page, then "$400 for tithe, $50 for Missionary X, $50 for Missionary Y" on the second page.
Through the purpose and designation messages you include with your single gift, there is virtually no limit as to how you may direct our office staff to process your giving.
You will also see that you may give by typing your information each time you send a gift.  If you desire to simplify the process, you may open a PayPal account free of charge and from that point you will only need to type in the account details and password requested.
If you have any questions about online giving, please feel free to call the church at (714) 547-9631, or email Connie Simms at
Thank you for your faithfulness to God's word and work!