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Diana Schneider
Position: Administrative Secretary
Phone: 920.991.1117

Being born and raised in a small town (Wisconsin Rapids) provided a wonderful backdrop for my early years.  I had a super childhood with my only sister (only sibling); we still speak almost every day and enjoy a close relationship.  Throughout school I was heavily involved in music and participated in band, orchestra, choir, marching band, pep band, etc.  If it had to do with music, I was there!  I graduated in 1977 with dreams of teaching elementary-aged children and went to UW-Oshkosh.  But the dream of being married was bigger, so I quit after one semester and got married which ended in divorce three years later leaving me in Davenport, Iowa .  There I was a secretary for several different businesses and later became a flight attendant.  I truly enjoyed the travel (and love flying still) but a transfer to New York was not in my plans and put an end to that career.  I moved back to Wisconsin (Appleton) in 1988 where I started working as a secretary again, this time for Fox Valley Technical College where I met my husband, Kirk; we were married in 1991. 
I’ve never had children, but have been the proud “mom” of two adorable Miniature Pinchers which have truly been my “babies.”  I went back to school in 1991 and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing, and soon thereafter, became a computer software instructor and taught throughout Wisconsin until our church (Fox Valley Christian Fellowship) hired me as the Administrative Secretary.  Though many people wondered why I would leave teaching for the secretarial world again, I could only answer that it was something I felt God was leading me to do.  And after serving our church family for over 15 years now, I am sure it is the perfect place for me.  I enjoy the people contact and the opportunity to show my faith in an open and tangible way every day.
I still enjoy singing and serve on our worship teams and in the choir at church.  I take advantage of every opportunity to travel, and living out of a suitcase for weeks is just fine with me!  Though I must admit that there is no finer place than enjoying cozy evenings at home sharing a TV program with my husband and dog.  I have been known to curl up with good books for hours and think nothing of spending the whole day in another time and place.  And, sad but true, few people have ever mastered the skill of shopping to the degree that I have.  I can easily spend five to eight hours hunting for the perfect thing if my mood is right, especially if it is for decorating the house.
I am very involved in Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and serve as a State Committee Chairman and Chapter Regent.  One of my favorite things is spending time with family and friends; it just makes my day!  And nothing beats laughing until your stomach hurts!   


Favorite books: Any Historical Novel (especially by Margaret George and Elizabeth Chadwick), historical fiction, and my MOST favorite - the “Outlander” Series by Diana Gabaldon
Favorite childhood TV show: Star Trek
Favorite movie or TV series: Gone With The Wind
Favorite vacation spot: Anyplace in Europe (history galore) – especially Scotland
If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?  Jesus and Princess Diana (if she were still alive), otherwise, anyone will do, as long as I can "do lunch" with someone.  

Three favorite things in your house:  After my husband and dog, the pictures of vacations and family, my HD large-screen TV, and my bed!