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Church Fire in Mihaileni Noi
 November 2009
After three years of hard work, sacrificial giving and a lot of blood , sweat and tears the new village church in Mihaileni Noi was completed. It was this month they celebrated their first service. On Wednesday, of this past week, I received a call about a fire that destroyed most of the building. Three years in building, one day in destroying...the congregation is devastated.  

 When you have a fire in the village there is no fire station to call, it's just everyone trying to bring buckets of water from the well as fast as they can. They just couldn't be fast enough. The blaze had its way. Sadly, there is no fire insurance company to call to file a claim and help pay for the damage. You just try and regroup and start over.
 We had been working in this area the whole month of October. A Convoy of Hope intern team was here and we focused our ministry on Mihaileni Noi and the surrounding villages. As a result, this one hits a lot closer to home.  
 I would like to ask that you remember the church in Mihaileni Noi in prayer at this time. Prayer for encouragement, faith and victory in the midst of this challenge. Moldovan believers know how to depend on God...many times he is all they have. God will show himself faithful again.
The cost to rebuild is estimated at $20,000. If you would like to help with this important need you can designate project # 13119 in your giving or contact me personally. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and commitment to the work in Moldova . God bless you.
Troy, Heidi Jo and Heather Darrin
The Moldova Mission