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Life Groups

LIFE Groups are one of the environments we want every person who attends Fox Valley Christian Fellowship to belong. LIFE Group is not simply a Bible study, or an educational environment. Rather, LIFE Group is a relational greenhouse. Jesus commanded the church to stay in community. The only way the church can accomplish this is through the intentional formation of trust and strong relationships. In a LIFE Group you will have the perfect environment for this to take place.  Relationships are the highest priority in a LIFE Group. Our goal is that during the lifespan of your LIFE Group you will experience true friendship, trusting relationships, and care.  Because of these things, we want everyone to be part of a LIFE Group
What happens in a LIFE Group session?  
When you attend a LIFE Group, the group facilitator will explain some of the important information that is relevant to the group. In the following weeks, a LIFE Group session might include:
  • an opening question and sharing time
  • a short study either by audio or on DVD. (Note: some studies during the lifespan of a group may only use a book.)
  • challenging questions relating to the study applying to everyday life
  • prayer for needs and voluntary deeper sharing
  • fellowship including food and beverages

Why do the LIFE Groups close?

We close the LIFE Groups in order to allow for the greatest level of trust. If the group remains open, when a new person enters the group (a good thing), the level of trust in the group automatically reverts to first-week level. Our goal is for this group of 10-12 individuals to become as close as possible, so as to enhance their spiritual growth simultaneously. In order to prevent people from feeling excluded, new LIFE Groups will be formed every 3-4 months. During that time, a person can also get plugged into ministries or a support group until the next set of LIFE Groups is formed.
What are the LIFE Group topics?
Unless all LIFE Groups are doing a topic Pastor would like everyone to participate in as a church body, each LIFE Group decides what topic it would like to cover. No matter the topic, however, it is FVCF's desire that all participants would grow in:
  • Community/Relationships with Believers
  • Deeper Intimacy with God
  • Availability and Desire for Serving
  • Effectiveness in Life Mission
How do I get started in a Life Group?
Please contact the church office (920-991-1117), and we will be happy to get you connected to a LIFE Group that is just right for you.

Contact Information:
Pastor Steve Nickel