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Small Groups

Small groups come in different shapes and sizes.  We are committed to cultivating real community by offering a small group experience that touches the heart felt needs of all who participate.  Small groups are a contrast to what a person experiences in the large group atmosphere of the Sunday morning worship service. Small groups are personal and relational. The one thing that you can always expect when you join one of our small groups is that you will have the opportunity to build new friendships.  Let's face it, in our world today, people are more alone than ever before. We can do everything from inside the comfort of our homes.  The one thing we really can't accomplish from inside our homes is the discovery and cultivation of healthy relationships.
    LIFE Groups are one of the essential elements for you to continue growing toward spiritual maturity. Our LIFE Groups are structured to fit your needs. One of the keys is that many of our groups are geared to a specific "stage of life." This means that if you have young children, it will be helpful for you to develop relationships with other people who have young children. 

The idea is that if you are in a LIFE Group with people in the same stage of life, you will be sure to have the care you need when you need it.  That's what a healthy Christian relationship with a group of other believers can do!  It also gives you the opportunity to bless others in their time of need.  You've become part of a care net. When everyone is part of the care net, no one falls through when there's a need.

LIFE Groups meet offsite, usually in homes at least 2 times per month.

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.  It also means beginning or start. Alpha is a small group for people who are just beginning to search for answers to their spiritual questions. Completing the Alpha Course will help you activate your life as a God follower. Click HERE to learn more.
Does it seem like there is something standing in your way to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  Maybe there are
life-controlling issues that still exist from years before.  If that's the case, then you may want to check out our Support Groups called Insight and Concerned Persons.  The focus of these groups is discovering the path to Christian Character.  These support groups last nine weeks.  This study will prepare you for more meaningful relationships and enhance your understanding of yourself and others by examining life-controlling issues that act as a downward spiral in one’s life.  Find freedom in your life through Living Free.  Click HERE for a video about how Living Free can help.