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Kids Next Door

Every Wednesday 6:30-8:00
For kids in grades K-6
Kids Next Door or KND as we call it is our most exciting environments for kids! Hundreds of kids from all over the Fox Valley have come to experience KND. Every Wednesday kids who attend FVCF and kids who might only attend KND come to see what the next night holds. Our commitment at KND is to teach kids about character. We live in a world that teaches people to live by their own rules, or that they can do whatever they want as long as their nice in front of people. True character is doing the right thing even when no one else is looking or watching. It's not about following a list of rules and guidelines. Instead, we teach kids to live life by the "Golden Rule." We also teach kids how to handle conflict, pain, hurts and troubles, by not trying to do it all themselves, but leaning first on God and second, on the people who love and care for them. Our only rule is to respect: leaders, eachother and yourself. KND is not a classroom setting. Instead, it's fast-paced, active and kids see many different environments and rub shoulders with numerous volunteer adults who really do care about them. Here's some of what happens at KND:
Wacky Theme Nights
Each week features a theme night where kids might dress accordingly, or bring something special.  Past theme nights have been Crazy Hair, Silly Slipper, Medieval, Cops and Robbers, Fake Injury and over 100 other wacky nights.
K'motion Experience Centers
During the middle part of the night our large group is split into six groups by grade and gender.  Red boys and girls are in Kindergarten or 1st grade. Green boys and girls are in 2nd and or 3rd grade. While our Blue boys and girls are in 4th, 5th or 6th grade. While half of the group may go to their K'nection time, the other half goes to their K'motion Experience Center. During this time they are going to do something that uses their senses not to teach, but to experience the lesson for the night. We do projects, games, contests, hear from special guest speakers, go for a hike, watch a special video and many other things.
K'nection Small Groups
KND Dollars
Adventure Nights
Pizza & Friend Nights

Contact Information:
John Sitcler