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In December 1976, Greater Love Church of God in Christ began from the evangelistic outreach ministry of District Missionary Stella Franklin Stallworth. Among those who supported the work included, Missionary Catherine Clark, Mother Pauline Governor, Minister Richard Moore, Sister Viola Jones, Sister Jenkins, Brother John Clark, and Sister D. K. Richardson.

During this time, the mission was referred to as Olson Road Mission Church of God in Christ. In December 1977, Missionary Stallworth conducted a revival which was spiritually blessed. The first souls that were added to the church were Rev. Joe Colson, Sister Mary Fosta, Sister Ella Colsom and Sister Jackie Austin. One night while rejoicing, the name "Greater" was revealed to Missionary Stallworth. Visitors commented about the love and peace they felt while worshipping with the saints. The first auxiliaries included the Sunday School, YPWW (Young People Willing Workers), Bible Band, and the Sunshine Band.

In March of 1979 the church trusted God and secured a lease agreement with the option to purchase a building on South Orange Avenue. Souls continued to be blessed and added to the church. At this time Evangelist Stallworth asked that a pastor be assigned to the church so that she could be free to do more evangelistic work. In August 1979, Elder Charles Brantley became the official pastor of Greater Love COGIC.