We appreciate this opportunity to share the exciting ministry of Choices Medical Clinic! 
We have offered compassionate care for the unplanned pregnancy since December, 1999.  As a result, many babies live and many women have come to know Christ.
Our services include:
  • Medical consultation with compassionate, on-site physicians and resident physicians.
  • 4-D sonography to educate women regarding the life within them.
  • Clinical pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins and factual information on pregnancy.
  • The offer of  factual information on abortion procedures and risks, providing women with informed consent before making this significant life decision.
  • Perinatal Hospice Care for the parents who choose not to abort in the event of a lethal anomaly for their pre-born baby.
  • Strong community referrals for prenatal care, adoption and practical support.
    All of our services are offered without charge to our patients because they have been underwritten by caring members of our community and are delivered primarily by a team of dedicated volunteers.
    We have experienced that these services, lovingly offered, are very effective in helping women and babies avoid abortion.  However, they are not an end in themselves.  They often become the gateway to our highest goal: the great priviledge of offering the Gospel of Christ to those who do not know Him!





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    Choices Medical Clinic Inc.
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    Phone Number:  316-687-2792
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    Email:   choicesmc.org