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Middle School Program

The mission of the Living Proof Church's "Middle School Program" is:
To prepare young boys and girls, grades 6 through 8, for a life of service to our Lord.
We will train them to become a disciple of Christ, equip them for advanced study of the Lord's Word and send them out into the world to plant the seed of God's Glory in the hearts of non-believers.
These awesome goals will be accomplished by:
  • Supplying each child with a sound understanding of the Books of the Bible - all 66 of them.
  • Promoting and requiring daily reading of scripture.
  • Providing instruction on how to communicate with God through prayer, the reading of His Word, and by responding in obedience to the call of His Holy Spirit.
  • Participation in community service projects.
  • Encouraging students to accept God's will and perfect plan for their lives through instruction in the life lessons expressed in the Word of God.