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Fun for Children

BIBLE Coloring Pages for Children
Here are some FREE printable Coloring Pages to use as a tool to help children learn about different series in the Bible. These were acquired for your enjoyment and use. There are currently being created coloring sheets for each book in the Bible. The project is just beginning and may take most of 2013 before they are posted online, but we will add them here once they are available.
Click on the link below to download a print-friendly JPEG image.
"1 Kings"
Shows the completed Temple in Jerusalem and an insert with King Solomon praying.
"1 Samuel"
Shows Hannah is three different pictures. She is weeping, she is praying, then she has her child. This comes from the first chapter of the book regarding the birth of the prophet Samuel. God answered Hannah's prayer for a son.
"2 Samuel"
Shows a procession leading the Ark up to the city of Jerusalem. The caption above says, "The Lord is my fortress and my deliverer."