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Helpful Links

Explore these helpful websites and resources.
OMF Book
Operation Military Family:  Written by Michael Schindler, Operation Military Family follows several military families as they overcome the difficulties and challenges faced by today’s military families.  Their stories provide the reader a road map to being their own journey toward a strong, successful military marriage.
Military One Source
Free of charge for military service members (active duty, guard and reserve) and their families, Military One Source is the go to directory for relocation, finances, legal help, education, deployment concerns, elder care and more.  Military One Source also offers face-to-face or telephone counseling services for military members and their families.  For deployed service members, this resource provides comfort as they know their families can get help while they are away.

Veterans Family Fund
Veterans Family Fund:  Help support returning veterans.  Partnered with the Veterans Department Veterans Innovation Program, the Veterans Family Fund allows Washington residents to purchase Veterans Family Fund CDs.  One half of the interest earned on the CD goes to veterans and their families in need. 

Veterans Affairs
Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WADV):  According to their vision statement, the WADV was created to act as an advocate for veterans’ entitlements, heal “seen and unseen wounds of war,” provide care for veterans and even their spouses in one of their three veterans’ homes, and offer outreach to homeless veterans through food, clothing, shelter, and job readiness programs.  The WADV also honors veterans by caring for their final resting place through estate management, military funeral honors, and burial benefits. 

America's Family Coaches 
Popular authors and speakers, Dr. Gary and Barb Roseberg founded America’s Family Coaches with a mission to “champion marriage for the cause of Christ by coaching husbands and wives to experience a great marriage for a lifetime…and for the sake of the next generation.”  Through the gifts of generous donors, membership, resources, and conferences are free for all military families. 

Army Wife Network 
Whether you are a new army wife, seasoned veteran, or member of the military family, the Army Wife Network (AWN) is an interactive community to empower and assist army wives with any questions, or concerns they face.

National Military Family Association: Beginning in 1969 as a grassroots movement led by army wives and widows, the NMFA continues to be “The Voice for the Military Family” by impacting government policy, educating military families on their rights and benefits, and promoting the connection between strong military families and a strong military.

The Employer Partnership Initiative
Through the Employer Partnership Initiative, Army Reserve Soldiers get two careers – one with the Army reserve and the other with one of our Employer Partners.  This dual opportunity provides stability to Families, and gives Soldiers additional possibilities to achieve both their civilian and military career goals.

Partnership for Youth Success
This program provides America’s youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future.  The PaYS program works to connect and partner civilian corporations and companies, as well as local government agencies, with the Army.  The PaYS partners project and forecast future openings into a database that matches their forecasted needs with Army Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).

My Army One Source
Created specifically for the army, My Army One was designed to provide accurate information on finance, deployment, education, employment, and just about any topic relating to the army.  Soldiers, family members, or community member with a vested interest in the army can create their own page with personalized links, blog topics, and social networking programs specific their needs.