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Operation Military Family, which started out as a book that became endorsed by GEN Tommy Franks, former Commander in Chief of US Central Command evolved into a company founded by Mike & Keri Schindler in 2006.
OMF is now entering its second phase as a peer to peer, grassroots company, with an approach to preparing and equipping the military marriage and family for pre-deployment and post-deployment "battle readiness.”
The mission is simple: to enrich and strengthen military families and marriages.
With increasing military divorce and suicide rates, Operation Military Family is now working with senior leadership to prepare the military family through Coaching, Best-in-Class Resources and Technology. The goal is to move information beyond the class room or briefing, which is typically how military families are equipped and into the communities, creating a network of family, friend and expert support that current programs do not offer. 

Michael Schindler, a Navy veteran, is a contributor to The Washington Times, sits on the Resilient Families Committee for Survivor Corp, is the author of the book "Operation Military Family" and "The Military Wire" blog, and also happens to be a popular keynote speaker. 

His presentations are entertaining, funny and packed with practical "how-to" tips on improving personal, business and military relationships.