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7 Day Love Challenge: Are you looking for new ideas to strengthen your marriage? Sign up for the 7 Day Love Challenge. You will receive simple instructions on how you can improve your marriage, every day of the week!

E-News: Operation Military Family offers a monthly e-newsletter to help couples "battle ready" their marriages and give them support and encouragement to sustain their commitment to one another and their families. This is also a great resource for family members and friends, as it will show you how to truly support and encourage our military families in the areas they need it most.

Oxygen Seminar:  “Improve Your Relationship… Help Others!” Check out our new Oxygen for Your Relationship Seminar and learn how you can create an action plan for your relationship, design a support system to get you through tough times, and pay forward what you have learned to help others!  

Action Plan: Visit this interactive page to learn how to create a unified vision for your marriage and set an action plan to keep your marriage strong during deployment and reintegration. Share your story and watch what has worked for others.

Support Network: Join the OMF community and encourage others by sharing your stories from predeployment to reintegration.  

Couple Checkup:
Do you desire a stronger, more satisfying relationship? Learn valuable insights and strengthen your relationship through this online quiz geared specifically for you and your partner!