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7 DAY Love Challenge

Each day a simple challenge will be given to you in hopes that you will take it on and see a new spark start within your marriage, or will continue to fan the flame that is already burning. The daily challenges are simple and the benefits undeniable. The following are examples of the kind of love challenges you will receive each day.
Love Challenge for Men
Give your spouse a dozen roses - and do it with a creative twist. Give eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a note that reads: “In every bunch there’s one who stands out - and you are that one.”
Love Challenge for Women
Unplug the TV. Put a note on the screen saying, “Turn me on instead.” If you are not married, write the top 20 things you respect and love about your partner and read it to him.

Join the thousands of couples who have already participated in this love challenge. We promise you will experience 7 days of increased romance! Sign up today for free.
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