• On June 7, 1912 forty churches gathered at the downtown Y.M.C.A. to form the Church Federation of Indianapolis. Lead by members of the Indianapolis Ministerial Association Indianapolis founded one of the earliest Church Federations in the nation and served as a model for other cities.

  • During its earliest years the Church Federation was primarily concerned with maintaining public morality by monitoring the enforcement of laws against gambling, prostitution, drinking, corruption, and conducting business on Sundays. 

    • For the Indianapolis Ministerial Association and later the Church Federation, one alarming sign for the decline in public morality was the “automobile speed contest” to be held on Memorial Day, 1912.  The Public Morals committee quickly investigated the Indy 500.

  • Though not racially or religiously diverse at its founding, the history of the Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis is a story of moving from exclusiveness to inclusiveness.  Over the next 100 years the Church Federation would expand its membership to include religiously, racially, and ethnically diverse groups.


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