1950s and 1960s

  • In the prosperous postwar years, the Church Federation blossomed as well.  Starting in the 1950s the Federation had an active communications department which at its height produced five weekly radio programs and ten weekly half hour television programs, including the popular children’s show, “Time for Timothy.”
    • “Time for Timothy” began broadcasting in 1957 and the Federation continued producing new episodes until 1991.  By the 1970s the show was broadcast in 22 cities besides Indianapolis
  • The 1950s brought the start of another project for the Federation as it took a leading role in establishing chaplaincy programs throughout the city.  The Church Federation recruited and supervised chaplains for the Indianapolis Police Department and later for the sheriff’s office, the juvenile court, Boy Scout camps, and several Indianapolis hospitals.  The Federation would continue this leadership in the 1990s when it established a chaplaincy program at the Indianapolis International Airport.
  • Against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s as African Americans were fighting for equality, the Church Federation chose its first African American Pastor to be President Clinton Marsh in 1963. 


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