Mission Statement & Vision

"I pray...that all of them may be one...that they may be one as we are one...May they be brough to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me..."

-John 17:20-23 (NIV)
Striving to make visible God’s gift (John 17:21) of unity in Jesus Christ and the quality of community God wills for the human family. (Mission Preamble in The Church Federation)

It is the vision of The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis to be a more inclusive and invitational catalyst of visible signs of Christian unity by creating and strengthening relationships among congregations of different denominational, intergenerational, racial/ethnic and geographic areas in Greater Indianapolis that:

Organizes – Energizes – Mobilizes  

  • Joint prayer
  • A compelling Christian voice that is present and heard by the public
  • Churches and ministries that provide resources and services to meet foreseen and unforeseen human needs 
Organize, Energize and Mobilize Faith-based Networks!
A catalyst for creating and strengthening relationships across congregational, denominational and ministry lines so that in unity we can organize, energize and mobilize ....!

The Church Federation brings together Christian groups (denominations, congregations, church-based and parachurch organizations and Christian educational institutions) to fellowship and to celebrate our diversity to serve one another and to serve the community.

For 100 years, with ever-changing societal and cultural issues, the Federation has organized, energized and mobilized the Christian faith community to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Indy's Place for Faith Networking