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Join us for our new sermon series beginning March 8

What sets Christianity apart from all world religions, more than anything else?  Just Jesus.  What is the difference between religious cults that quote their version of the bible and Biblical Christianity?  Just Jesus. Who is - hands down - the most famous, familiar, and influential figure in history?  Just Jesus.  Not only did the life and death of Jesus split history in two, as reflected by the calendar, but His influence on His people is carved deeply into all aspects of our culture.  The impact of that one, solitary life is undeniable and unavoidable in culture-shapers like education, arts, government, business, and family.  Between now and Easter we will be getting back to the basics of our faith:  Just Jesus, whose impact is inescapable, inexhaustible, and inextinguishable.  Who can you bring along to introduce to Jesus?