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What's the most common item found on American's bucket lists?  According to The Barna Research Group, 72% of all Americans say they want to "read the Bible all the way through."  Still, fewer than 25% are successful (Gallup). Regardless, the Bible remains the best-selling book in history, and more than 90% of American households own at least one copy.  
Chelsea Free Methodist Church is launching a church-wide, 31-week journey through The Story.  We'll be studying Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation by moving through a chronological presentation of the Bible, woven together like a story.  
Key elements to our The Story Super Series:
 - Sunday sermons that help us apply what we've read in each of the 31 chapters
 - Daily reading in The Story
 - Small Group study
 - Children's Church (at 11:00 AM)
 - Teen Sunday School
 - Opportunity for families to engage!