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What if I could point you toward an encounter with God that would flood your soul with joy in a way that eclipses anything you might have previously called satisfaction?  Would that interest you?  Would you want to head in that direction? 
That’s exactly what we have planned at our church for the coming three months.
Sometimes our spiritual lives become dry and scorched.  Our lips become parched, as we thirst for more of God.  God wants to revive, refresh, and renew us.  He wants to open the windows of heaven and rain down on us.  He is waiting for us to position ourselves and call on Him.  Hosea 6:1-3 says that if we return to the Lord, He will heal, revive and raise us up to live before Him.  He will come as showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.
Downpour is our Sunday morning theme.  It will also be the quest of our newly forming HOUSE Groups.  “HOUSE” stands for Homes Of Understanding, Study, and Encouragement.  Groups of 20 people will gather in homes throughout our area and study Pastor James MacDonald’s book: Downpour: He will come to us like the rain.  Each Sunday, beginning September 25, Pastor Jeff Ford will introduce the subject for that week.  Groups will discuss what God is saying through that message and do some further study, together.  Mostly, we will open ourselves to what God wants to do in and through each of us.