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We’re coming to the end of our Life after Death series.  We’ve been celebrating Jesus’ victory over the grave to offer us eternal life, in heaven. Resurrection comes through death. So, it is in dying our old lives that we are raised to new life and experience resurrection power. In Jesus, we consider ourselves “dead to sin and alive to God.”    
We’ve been discovering life and victory over the 7 Deadly Sins.  Pride is the deadliest and Lust is the most popular. Greed is the most evasive, Wrath is the most arguable of the Deadly Sins, and Gluttony is the most acceptable.  Envy, is the most disappointing.  This week we come to the final of the fatal sins:  Sloth.  We are seeing how God’s Grace > Our Sin.  Don’t miss this Sunday as Pastor Jeff Ford teaches how God graces us with Courage to overcome the fear that causes a Sluggish Spirit.