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Philosophy of Ministry

The perspective of our student ministry is to address the reality that every person on this planet is forming beliefs and making decisions that are all central to one main question:  “How will I live my life?”  And while our answers to that question may vary from person to person, it is this question that unifies each one of us.  It is the goal of dash ministries to be able to help students address that question in a way that influences every aspect of their life.

We live in a time when students’ understanding of how God can impact their life is negligible at best. Their lives are segmented and compartmentalized to the point that God becomes just another token piece of the puzzle in the overall picture of who they are.

Going forward, dash ministries is committed to making sure that we focus on the foundational elements that we believe make the difference in whether or not a   student has the tools to succeed in their faith long after the youth group experience has ended.  We have highlighted 7 checkpoints that represent the types of “end-product” qualities that lead to successful Christian living.  As you make your way through this resource, you will find a description of each checkpoint.

Simply put, living “the dash” is about Real people living Relevant lives, Relentlessly pursuing New Life.  We want to develop real people--people who are real in their own relationship with the God of the universe and transparent with the people who live around them.  We want to be relevant in the way we talk, live, and communicate truth, creating environments where people can understand their next step with Jesus Christ.  We want to have an attitude of relentless pursuit towards challenging students to be devoted followers of Christ.