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Student Ministries

Thanks for checking out the student ministries page!  As you read below you will get some insight into the program opportunities that allow us build relationships and impact the lives of teenagers.  Also at the bottom of the page you can click on specific events as they approach on the calendar, so that you can be up to speed with registrations or event specifics.
Dash Night
Wednesday night youth group meets each Wednesday, combining 6-12th grade students for worship, prayer, discussion and teaching.  The themes for these services will further underscore the principles that we desire to communicate through the 7 checkpoints.
Sunday Morning Classes
Sunday mornings will give the students opportunities to focus on many of the formative elements of the Christian faith.  Junior and senior high students will meet separately to study the Bible and utilize curriculum that is meant to help them grow roots to their spiritual lives.
Service Projects
Our teens and staff will further emphasize the value and significance of serving the community by planning monthly projects to volunteer with help.  As we explore new ways to share grace and love to others, students will be awakened to their own spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. 
Rustproof Small Groups
Rustproof or "RP" is an opportunity for students to join a smaller group of peers from the same gender and in the same general age group.  This is the environment that offers the greatest possibilities for students to grow spiritually.  RP groups generally meet on Sunday afternoons or evenings and will give students an unparalleled opportunity to examine their personal walk with the Lord and benefit from the care and accountability of others to meet spiritual goals.
The "411"
The 411 is a monthly letter to parents to keep them in the loop about our ministry objectives and upcoming events.  It will include the themes for each months lessons including descriptions of the main points of study.  It is our hope, also, that each month we can equip the parents with some things to do at home with their teens.  We want to be actively working together with the parents to make sure that together, we can accomplish the right things in each child's life.