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Couples Ministry

Last fall marked the beginning of a focused effort to concentrate on the health, habits, and holiness of our relationships by launching a new Couples Ministry called Marriage on the Rock.
One of the targets of Marriage on the Rock is to encourage couples to have enjoyable and consistent quality time together.  Its latest event, Night in the Sack, puts you alone with your partner and is very flexible - it happens at your own convenience!  It is something to do together that doesn't require too much on your end.  The Couples Ministry team has taken care of the conversation starters and the stress of what to do.  This isn't an obstacle course for the young and fit; it is simply a great, structured evening with the person you love the most.  So muster up a sense of adventure and get started!
Three simple steps:
1. Pick up a "sack".
2. Pick an evening to go out that works best for the two of you.
3. Follow along with the script (contained in the sack).
Night in the Sack, sacks, can be picked up on Sunday mornings in the Lobby at Washington St. Education Center.
For more information, contact Pastor Jason Boyer.
Disclaimer:  For those who aren't married, we strongly encourage you to bag the "sack" portion of this activity until the appropriate time within the context of marriage. 
P.S. One last thing. After your Night in the Sack evening, post a picture of the two of you on your date (Marriage on the Rock Facebook page) and leave us a comment letting us know how the evening went!