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Pastor Clayton's Corner

 Dearest Friends,
Hope for Homeless Youth is a local front line outreach public charity that is reaching the unwanted throw away youth of the inner city.  Southern California is a hotbed for young people to migrate to and in search of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. Sadly 99% of these young people fail to achieve their dreams. Even more sadly a great majority of these young people end up homeless on our streets. They become victims of drug dealers, pimps, pedophiles and violent gangs.
Hope for Homeless Youth has been reaching out successfully to these throw away youth now for over 25 years.  In 2009 we expanded to include a Community Center in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, a transitional living home in La Cresenta and a Computer Refurbishing and Electronic Recycling Center in South Los Angeles better known as "the Hood".
To help pay for the expenses of our outreaches,  facilities and transition homes, we are asking people to donate online or schedule a pick up of your unwanted vehicle or clunker.  We seek from large corporations and businesses their surplus or down graded computer related equipment such as desktops, towers,  laptops, video, wire, cables, scrap copper, sound and medical equipment. Your donations are tax deductible and we provide all the needed documents to maximize your tax benefit.
Thank you for your support.

Pastor Clayton & Leanne Golliher
Founders and Executive Directors
Hope for Homeless Youth
Mailing address: P.O. Box 26978 Los Angeles Ca, 90026

Donation Center# 818-441-3303
Cell # 213-820-8305