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Mexico Village Outreach

Please donate to the  MEXICO MISSIONARY VILLAGE OUTREACH on the Donation Online Link
We are on a mission to take some hope, prayers, spiritual help and happiness to poor individuals and families in Villages of Central Mexico.  Part of our vision is to build a Village Outreach Center with a Lord’s kitchen and emergency shelter.  One of our projects is to repair and weatherize run down homes of poor families. 
We hope to attract church missionary groups to travel to the propose Village Outreach Center to visit other villages and take their love, friendship, healing and financial help.
A) House rental for temporary Village Outreach Center, Lord's Kitchen, temporary shelter.

B) Collect hundreds of used clothes, shoes, coats and jackets.
C) Hire experience workers to repair and weatherize homes.

D) Purchase all-terrain Quad ATV for transportation to remote homes near villages.

1. Build a Village Outreach Center.
2. Passenger van 2006 or newer.
3. Utility trailer.
4. Cement mixer, portable toilet, masonry, hand and power tools.
5. Stick and wire feed welder..
6. Kitchen appliances and cooking utensils.
7. Pop up beds or cots, blankets.
8. Washing machine.
Purchase a water well drilling rig to replace salty water wells, rejuvenate, install steel casing, rehabilitate or drill new wells for villages in need.