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Mexico Village Outreach

Please donate to the  MEXICO MISSIONARY VILLAGE OUTREACH on the Donation Online Link
We have a vision to begin a mission to bring some hope and happiness to poor individuals and families in Villages of Central Mexico.  Funds will go into a special account and will be distributed by Pastor Clayton Golliher.  Tax deductible receipts will be given for donations.  The vision is to build a Village Outreach Center with a Lord’s kitchen and emergency shelter.  One of our goals is also to repair run down homes of poor families. 
We hope to attract church missionary groups to travel to the propose Village Outreach Center to visit villages and take their love and spiritual help.
A) House rental for temporary Village Outreach Center...$400 a month.

B) Purchase hundreds of used shoes, coats and jackets and contract home weatherizing repairs...... $$$$ Estimate of these costs are not in yet $$$$.
C) Purchase all-terrain Enduro motorcycle to travel to remote village locations....$1,000-$1,500 (add 35% for import and transportation fees).

1. Passenger van, 2006 or newer....$9,000
2. Utility traileRr...$1,200
3. Cement mixer, portable toilet, masonry and power tools....$5,000
4. Stick and wire feed welder....$750
5. Kitchen appliances and cooking utensils....$1,000
6. Pop up beds or cots, blankets....$800
7. Washing machine....$350 
Purchase a water well drilling rig and transport it to seek water, repair and replace salty water wells in villages in need.  COST IS $85,000