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These are testimonies from some of our beloved
brothers and sisters who went thru our program, they where
also feature separately in one of our
monthly newsletters during the year.
Ram, was ready to commit suicide by police.

I had completely given up on life and hard to believe my goal was to commit suicide by shooting it out with the police whom I had hatred toward.  My closest friend had just committed suicide. I was raised down in "The Hood", South-Central LA.  I never had a father that was there for me. I grew up in the concrete jungle, with the constant influence to bury my pain with drugs, gangs, violence, and crime. I found out about Hope or Homeless Youth and Pastor Clayton and I learned to release all my pain to Jesus and a miraculous healing came to my life.  I graduated from his year-long discipleship program and married Pastor Clayton's daughter.  I’m a family man and dedicated to Jesus, my wife and children.

Karen from drugs and sexual
abuse to working with rape victims. 
I can remember reaching a point of deep desperation after experiencing some extreme sexual violence. In my desperation I cried out to Jesus for help.  His power and His presence delivered me from all drug addiction and hopelessness.   I am being trained as an advocate for rape victims.  I am truly thankful God has allowed me to reach out to hurting women as well as those involved in street prostitution.   Karen  
Jeremiah, saved from the
streets of Sid row.
While being mentored by HFHY I have learned to over come my anger towards my father and forgive  him for never being there for me.  Most important of all, I have come to fall in love with Jesus.  He became the father I never knew and that I always wanted to be there for me.  I’m excited about my plumbing gradation and pursue this career as a plumber.  I’m making Jesus the focal point of my life and also so grateful to HFHY  for helping me to get my life together.   Jeremiah

Brotha Zoe, X-Pimp and
drug pusher.
I grew up without a father in Oakland California and I learned how to become a Pimp. In 1998 my destructive violent attitude landed me in Pinal County Jail for manslaughter. In 2004 God began stripping me of all my worldly possessions and ultimately I came to my senses and accepted Christ back into my life.  I'm now free and totally sold out to Jesus Christ!  Working under Pastor Clayton has been a tremendous blessing. I’m learning the meaning of true servant leadership and how really humble myself so God can be glorified in the everyday challenges that come with ministry.   Brotha Zoe 
Brian, lost in his own anger
and violence. 
I turned to drugs to escape the pain of a broken home and my anger landed me in jail, but now God has saved me from a life of drugs, alcohol and crime.  I’m totally living for Jesus and eager to be changing my life and be a good citizen.  I now work in construction and have controlled my violent anger. 
Brian Mustburger
Ben Tea, no more life of
gang banging and drugs.
 I grew up in the gangs, they became the family I always wanted. At 15, I got my first gun for protection. I found comfort from my emotional pain with drugs, alcohol, marihuana and crack cocaine. In 2005, I reached my rock bottom and realized I desperately needed some help. Since I have been with HFHY God has done some wonderful things in my life.  Your brother in Christ, Ben Tea
Aaron, drug addict and smuggler.
God set me free from tremendous amount of demonic oppression.  I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and entered the Hope For Homeless Youth Discipleship program.  I went thru much discipleship and healing during my time at the Program.  Jesus took a lot of pride out of my heart, and used the discipleship to change me.    Aaron Milkin  
                                      Mario, homeless, lots of rage and drugs
My name is Mario and God used HFHY to change my life. I grew up in Colorado, and in and out of foster care my entire childhood until I was emancipated and began living on my own. From the age of six.  It was hard for me to accept and trust new people into my life. Getting to know the amazing but hurting young men at H FHY opened my heart and eyes to see that I too had so much pain in my life. It was people like Pastor Clayton and others who help me through drug addiction, rage, and issues of abandonment. At HFHY I learned what it was to serve and be a part of a team that works together, with one heart, to take back the city for Jesus Christ.
                                   Shaundell, homeless, depress and lost
I was hungry and homeless and no place to go. 
Pastor Clayton has helped me to grow in the Lord and come to know Jesus more closely as my Lord and Savior. I just thank God for this year that I've been able to spend with this ministry. I’m grateful to continue with my job busing tables in a restaurant and learning to be faithful and responsible.  My goal in life is to continue to get on my feet and get closer to Jesus, and live for Him the rest of my life.