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Hope Computer Center

The "Hope Computer Center" is a computer resource center to benefit low income areas of Los Angeles.  At the center we provide a job work like atmosphere for young adults that are residents in one of our transitional living buildings.  They learn how to troubleshoot, repair and refurbish computers, we then turn around and provide low cost computer systems to the low income communities of Los Angeles. On a select basis we give FREE computer systems to families with children or persons going back to trade or vocational school.  We also raffle them off for FREE at our community parties.
We decided to open up the "Hope Computer Center" straight smack in the center of "the hood" and also take along with us the word of Jesus Christ, this is the community that is the most hurting.  Our center repairs are almost complete, our funds are limited, but with God's will, it shall be done.
Below are some of the people that made it all happen.

Joe Sawicky the projector manager.  Thank you Joe for your time
and finances.
Free computer literacy classes at our Hope Computer Center

Pastor Clayton with Helen and Christine from UC Santa Cruz.  These young ladies initiated the first free computer literacy classes at the Hope Computer Center with the help of the Everett Program.  The free classes will now officially be taught every summer at our computer center and will be open to the community.
Angelus Temple Bible Study Group 2013 Remodels our Computer Resource Center in South L.A.

Gus donated the art work          Before                              After