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Donating Electronics

We gladly take and will give a tax deductible receipt for Medical Equipment, Sound and Audio, Computers, Networking, Laptops, LCD's, HD TV's, Large Quantities of Electronic Cabling, Electric Cars, Plotters, Power Plants and Generators, Welding and Auto Shop Equipment, please call us for any questions.

For 15 items or less drop off location is at 5020 South Normandie Ave. Los Angeles 90037 Monday thru from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Please call us before coming at 818-441-3303

Free pick up for more than 15 items of computer equipment such as, computers, LCD's, laptop, servers, switch, UPS, CRT, boxes of cables, ect..
Certain restrictions apply for free pick up on donations of  less than 15 items.

We do not accept appliances at this time.

One item is considered to be a device such as a computer, laptop, monitor, printer, network switch or server.   One medium box full  of misc. accessories, cords, mice, keyboards, ect., is consider one item.
Things not considered to be single devices are, one power cord, one  keyboard, one mouse, one ethernet cord, ect,.  
Please fill out the information below.   Or call, text, email Martin at 818-441-3303, with a list of your donations and he'll get back to you ASAP.







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