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At North Bay, we certainly believe in the power of prayer.  The Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing, to pray at all times and in every situation.
We would love to pray for you.  This can happen in several different ways:
1.  Your request can be kept private, limited to the Elders only.
To send a private prayer request to the Elders, click here.  Simply fill out the form, and it will be sent directly to their e-mails.
2.  We can add your request to our Sunday bulletin, so that our congregation can lift up your need during the week. 
To send a request for the church bulletin, click here.
3.  You can call our prayer chain to get people praying right away. 
Please call between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., unless your situation is of an urgent nature.  Contact Naomi @ 715.398.6601.