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Our Purpose

Our Mission:
"To go and make disciples."  Matthew 28:19
Our Vision:
"To glorify God by growing the Rinehart Christian Church body in spirit, unity, maturity, number and service- to honor God and grow His Kingdom."
Our Beliefs:
  • There is only one God
  • Holy Trinity
  • Deity of Christ
  • Virgin birth of Christ
  • Infallible Word of God
  • Sinful nature of all humankind
  • Salvation through God's grace by faith in Christ
  • Baptism through immersion at the time of conversion
  • Eternal security for those who trust in Christ Jesus
  • Universal Body of Christ
  • Weekly participation in the Lord's Supper
  • Worship and service in a local church gathering
  • Glorify God through the greatest commandment and commission
  • Imminent Return of Christ and the final judgment