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Women's Retreat Jan14

R and R at Pilgrim Firs

Re-new, Re-cycle and Re-Purpose was the theme of this year's Women's Retreat at Pilgrim Firs.

Thirty women Discovered and Re-Discovered how wonderful it is to spend a week-end together at camp. We started Friday night with three homemade soups, bread and salad. They tasted great as we warmed ourselves by the fire, made name tags and found a room and bed that looked just right. Each year, there are new special touches at camp for the campers and guests. The South Lodge had several of these with new showers, long distance, a phone line its own, WI-FI if you dared! By the end of Friday night, our sides hurt from laughing.

On Saturday morning, there was an activity that had more than a few skeptical as to either how it "fit them" or whether they would enjoy it. But in true Women's Retreat fashion, all gave it a shot. Well I am not sure who had more fun with it... Google "six-word memoir" and you might find a good family activity or a game-night activity.

Saturday night never disappoints as it is CRAFT time. This year we made decoupage necklaces on the back of dominoes. Whether someone does a lot of crafting or does very little, each person created a necklace that was unique and impressive.

Sunday morning came soon enough. With music, prayer, poem, readings, song, and reflection, we draw the weekend to a close. Standing in our circle, the eyes twinkle, the smiles are wide, and the women are a bit more familiar and known to each other.