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As read by Lynn Zachow at The Blessing of our Labyrinth which took place on Sunday June 1, 2014 in memory of Bill Lewis and Marty Kercher:

Bill Lewis and I volunteered to lead the NPUCC All Church Retreat back in March 2009 and chose “Walk the Labyrinth at Pilgrim Firs” as our topic. In getting ready for the retreat, we did a lot of research which included visiting a local indoor labyrinth.

At our retreat, the adults were led in a study of the labyrinth – I taught about its history and Bill spoke of its mysteries and ways to incorporate its meditative power in our lives today. We walked the labyrinth on the grounds of Pilgrim Firs and made finger labyrinths to use at home. Meanwhile, the children made their own labyrinth outside using birdseed.

Deeg, Managing Director of Pilgrim Firs, is with us here today.

After returning from the retreat Bill and I spent a lot of time walking around our church property and dreamed of building a labyrinth somewhere on it. Bill would seek out a labyrinth where ever he traveled and was always sending me a picture of the latest one that he had discovered. Then before we were able to turn our dream into reality, Bill tragically died in a car accident on one of his trips.

Time passed and then in 2013 Vicki Nichols invited Marian, who is also here with us today, to our Women’s Retreat. She brought an indoor labyrinth and shared with us what the labyrinth meant to her.

When I got home from that retreat, Bill and my dream of building a labyrinth at NPUCC again entered my mind. I spoke with my mom about donating with me to bring this dream to creation. She agreed that it would be a wonderful tribute to our dear friend Bill. The Trustees working group researched the project – thank you all so much – and it was determined that the project would start the following spring. My mother unexpectedly passed away last December but Bill and her dream continued to move forward with her estate donating her share of our pledge and now today we have a beautiful labyrinth which is being dedicated today to both Bill and my mom.

Our gorgeous labyrinth is now ready to be walked with many thanks to our paver, Humberto, brother of NPUCC member Marisol. It is here not only for our church family to walk but also for those in this community and beyond to use. I hope that everyone who walks it find the peacefulness and quieting within their hearts that I do.

I want to end by reading something that I found posted on Facebook: “Labyrinths offer the opportunity to walk in meditation to that place within us where the rational mergers with the intuitive and the spiritual is reborn.”