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What We Believe

THE BIBLE - We believe that the words used and thoughts conveyed to the writers of the Bible were conveyed by the Spirit of God. In other words we believe in the plenary-verbal inspiration of the Bible and that it is the final and supreme authority for faith and practice. (II Tim. 3:16-17).

GOD-HEAD - We believe in one God eternally (past and present and future), existing in three persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. (John 14:9; Acts 5:3,4; Acts 20:28).

GOD THE FATHER - We believe He is a personality dwelling in Spirit form, that He is all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present and all seeing. That He loves mankind in a way that is hard for us to fathom. We also believe that He is a God of wrath and must expiate His wrath upon sin. His love was manifested in giving -

(b) God the Son: Whom we believe is as much God as the Father, that He always was with God, that He took upon Himself the form of a servant, even human flesh and died on Calvary's cross for the sins of man. As a token of the believers acceptance with Him, we believe that when He had risen from the tomb, and later ascended into Heaven,
we believe He sent --
(c) God, the Holy Spirit: The third person of the God-Head, who, we believe, teaches, comforts, exhorts and directs believers as taught in the Word of God.
(d) We believe that these Three, though existing as Three distinct personalities, exist as One.

MAN - We believe that man was created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26) and that through sin he fell from this favored position incurring physical and spiritual death, (which we believe is eternal separation from God). We also believe that man is totally unable to spiritually better himself. That only through the grace of God as extended in the Lord Jesus Christ dying for his sins, is man able to approach God in prayer and be an heir of eternal life and Heaven.

CALVARY'S CROSS - We believe that the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, though crucified by unjust men who sought to stifle His testimony, went willingly, as planned for Him by the Father, to the cross to die for man's sin. We believe His death on the Cross was the means God used to vindicate His (God's) own justice and yet give a means of salvation by grace to lost man.

THE BLOOD OF CHRIST - We believe the blood of Christ was shed to wash away our sins and not ours only, but the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:2; John 3:16)

THE RESURRECTION - We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God was removed from the Cross physically dead and that His body was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Aramathea and after three days and three nights in the tomb, He rose again from the dead, showed Himself alive with sufficient proofs and ascended up to heaven and ever lives to make intercession for us at the right hand of God, the Father on high. (I Cor. 15:3,4; Acts 1:9; Romans 8:3,4; I John 2:1).

THE "RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS" - We believe in the premillennial return of the Lord Jesus Christ to take His Saints bodily out of the present evil world and that with the Saints then living will be resurrected the bodies of the saints whose souls and spirits have already gone to be with the Lord. That we will both be united with the Lord in the air, "and so shall we ever be with the Lord." (I Thess. 4:16,17).

THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST - We believe that after the Rapture of the Church and the Great Tribulation period, that Christ will return with His Saints and will rule the nations with a rod of iron; that the Church will be co-rulers with Him in that Kingdom. (Matt. 16:28; I Thess. 2:12; Rev. 19:16; Luke 1:33; Rev. 1:6; 5:10).

THE BODILY RESURRECTION OF THE DAMNED - We believe that those who are unsaved will also be resurrected in bodily form to suffer everlasting punishment away from the presence of the Lord in the Lake of Fire. We also believe that those who die in their sins go to Hell (Sheol) immediately, until the final judgment which they shall be eternally committed to the Lake of Fire.

IMMERSION - We believe that immersion is the only form of baptism set forth in the Scriptures. Further, we believe that since it was commanded by our Lord in the mode then practiced, and since it symbolizes death, burial and resurrection to newness of life, we believe that a person has not been truly obedient to the Lord unless he has been immersed. (Rom. 6:1-5; Acts 8:36,37). Baptism shall consist of a single immersion.

LORD'S SUPPER - We believe that the bread and wine used in the communion service are a testimonial to Christ's giving His body and blood in behalf of the sinner, that we should do it in remembrance of Him and His death.

SALVATION - We believe that salvation is by the grace of God through faith in the blood of Christ. We believe that man is totally unable to help himself apart from the grace of God and that no form of works, such as church membership, lodge membership, baptism, keeping the Sabbath, doing the best we can, paying tithes or any and all other forms of works are unable by themselves or in any combination, to give salvation to the soul or in any way make it more pleasing to God. (Eph. 2:8,9).

CHURCH - We believe that the Church, as spoken of in the New Testament, is constituted by all those who have been born again by the Spirit of God. We believe its characteristics are defined in the Scriptural descriptions of it as being a temple made of living stones in which God dwells, Christ Himself being the chief corner stone - as the body of Christ, of which Christ is the head - and as the bride of Christ with all the sacred relationships that this involves as is pointed out and taught in the Scriptures.

LOCAL CHURCH - We believe the local church to be an assembly of believers who are gathered together in a body, with organization necessary to carry on an effective testimony for Christ. As such, this organization has no authority to make more laws of its own, but to accept the Scriptures as their final authority and rule of practice. In like manner, we believe they are morally answerable to no man or group of men, but to God only.

BAPTIST CHURCH - The name is indicative of our general trend of doctrine. Our denominational affiliation will be that of our choice, under God. Only baptized believers will be received as members of this church.

(Scriptures for church references: I Tim. 3:15; Eph. 1:23; Col. 1:24; I Cor. 3:11; Eph. 2:20; I Peter 2:4-6; Eph. 1:22: Rom. 7:4; Eph. 5:24; I Cor. 12:13)