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Winter 2014


Merry Christmas!

by Ibrahim Seliman (Arabic Program Host)    How I look forward to Christmas everywhere! Joy to the world! Jesus, the living Gospel, has come to the world! It is joy that people in the Muslim world are starved for. The Evil One has taken hold there and they hear about some words like joy, peace, mercy, etc. but what do they really mean there? Words they loosely use and greet one another with but they are no more than just abstract concepts.  For me as a Muslim, I looked up the word mercy and it had a negative connotation as I confused it with having pity. Allah is both merciful and hateful of sinners and infidels. God is love? And because He loves me so much He would come in a time like that 2000 years ago and be revealed in a manger in order to save me from myself? That was so hard for my brain to grasp. I needed to be born again before I could ever fathom such spiritual truths.
    As we see pain in the Muslim world this Christmas, this should stir feelings of deep compassion in our hearts for them. They are hurting from pain. Muslims can’t have outer peace in the Middle East until they have inner peace first. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, has to reign and transform them into His image, making them into a new creation. But superimposing peace from the outside and through political treaties won’t change a thing! They need the cleansing blood of Christ to wash their sins away and touch their wounds so festering bitterness and unforgivness can go away. “Salaam”, a casual word they use in greeting, will be Adonai Shalom, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will be their actual peace and, as the Hebrew word indicates, He will bring wholeness to their wounded hearts. It is for this reason that we in love joyfully labor in the Gospel, evangelizing Muslims. We are infinitely grateful for you for standing with us in unity regarding this cause, the cause of the cross in Muslim lands.
    We would like to say a big thank you to each one of you for prayerfully seeking to bring Christmas joy to Muslims’ hearts. A very merry, blessed Christmas to you all. May He prosper you all in the unfathomable treasure of Christ! (Eph. 3: 8).
    Because Christ is my Victor,  Ibrahim   

    As mentioned in Mike's column, the Lord has sent us help. He did this in the form of two people. The first to come was Mark Bjorndal. He has good computer and organizational skills. And he has a great heart for missions, having done shipboard ministry. He’s retired from the U.S. Navy, having spent much of his career in Japan. After retiring, he remained there in ministry then moved on to teaching English at university level in China. He ministered there, as well, during his two terms. He also married a Chinese national and returned this year to join our staff. He runs the data center where all of our incoming radio broadcasts are processed for use on Internet and broadcast radio stations.
    The second person to join us is Luke Hollenback. He’s a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University in the computer sciences department. He’s from Colorado. He’s been making a real difference to us as a computer programmer, as we are designing our own computer software for websites, called a content management system. This will allow us to crate simple blogging websites that work just the way we want them, operate with simplicity and translate into our target language easily. We’re also looking forward to his ongoing input into projects like voice masking, advanced ways of sending radio programs to stations on the field and much more.
    Please pray God’s blessing on Mark’s and Luke’s lives and ministry with GRO. Pray for great success right now as we strive to launch the next generation of ministry websites to Muslims everywhere.
From Egypt:
I really like what you teach us about accepting ourselves and going to Jesus, just as we are, and He alone can change us. This is different from what my traditional church has taught me. I always felt inferior for not being good enough and I sank further down; I really needed a miracle of salvation and that is what is unique about your teaching. You teach salvation. We knew nothing but how to beat ourselves up for being sinners. Thank the Lord for His grace given to us in Christ and proclaimed through your messages. – Z.

From Jordan:
I am a Muslim who once expressed interest in Christianity, I am writing you to let you know your words touched me and helped me greatly. I am ready to convert to Christianity and surrender all to Christ. I am sure about this decision now. – N.

From Republic of Cameroon:
Your testimony is very amazing and I myself also had an encounter with the Lord Jesus in a supernatural way. I had a vision which has changed my life. I have also been called out to share the gospel to Muslims as well. So I do everything I can to accomplish that by sharing testimonies of ex-Muslims. –W.  

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