Publish Date: July 1, 2012  ::  Author: Mike Bond

Uighur Needs a Boost!

                Now that the excitement of the banquet is over we’ve got serious work to get on with recording more Chinese Uighur broadcasts for those 12,000,000 people. We’re in the middle of a series and we need just over $2,000 to fund the first half so that we can begin recording the second half. It’s less than $50 to record a new one-half hour broadcast. And it gets used dozens of times, and more when you consider the downloads that will be available. If you can help us with a gift to enable us to trigger that next round of recording, please do it. Maybe you could send $50 for a broadcast, or maybe the Lord has blessed you to be able to fund the entire $2,000 to finish it. Thanks for whatever you do!                  


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