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- Fall/Winter 2011
volume twenty-one, number three
It's time for us to record a new batch of broadcasts to reach the 12 million Uighur Muslims of western China. We've already broadcast a few hundred, but fresh material is needed. We want to do a 200 broadcast series. We're looking forward to putting them on shortwave from a former KGB radio station beaming into China from Kyrgyzstan. And we want to use them on our new Internet radio station, as well as share them out with other organizations reaching Uighurs.

The programs cost about $50 for each half-hour broadcast, and we would like to produce a series of 200 broadcasts. So it's very cost effective, especially considering the amount of air time they will get. However, 200 times $50 is still $10,000! So please pray about helping us record these broadcasts. 100% of the money received towards this project goes towards the recording of these programs. We have already received about $1100.00! We are hoping to receive enough to begin recording the first half of the series by the end of the year. There is so little material being prepared to reach Uighur Muslims that this will add to it greatly, and give us some new tools for reaching them. Check out our homepage at, for updated information. You can give towards this project there, just click here and designate your gift for Uighur programs. Any amount helps. All donations given towards this project will be used for this project!


Hope for the World -- Christmas is a great season to focus on the hope that we have for the world in Christ. Recently I got a dose of real hope as I attended a consultation for ministries reaching Muslims from a particular region of the world. What transpired at that conference was awe inspiring to me. Here was a group of Western Christians and Muslim Background Believers (former Muslims who are now Christians) from all the countries that were the focus of the conference. They were planning together, worshiping together, fellowshipping together, eating together and seamlessly enjoying one another's company. And they were from all different denominations and backgrounds.

I couldn’t tell who was who in terms of their different churches. I watched at worship times. I couldn’t tell the difference. I watched when one of the National Believers shared an experience he had in the Holy Spirit. Everyone was excited. I couldn’t tell the difference. Later, people from other kinds of churches than my own expressed excitement about and interest in my ministry without asking what my doctrine was. They just wanted to work together to reach this entire region of Muslims for Christ - no questions asked!

It brings tears to my eyes still as I write this. Based on what I experienced at that consultation, there is real hope for the world and not just for that region of the world! During this season of hope, let us pray that the entire Church can lay down its denominational arms like I saw there. If we can, then there’s real hope that not only will that region hear the reason for the hope of the world, but even more, I have hope that we can together offer that hope to the entire world! He is the reason for the season and this season is about hope for the world!
JESUS TO MUSLIMS -- by Timothy Abraham
As we receive this Christmas, there are people on the other side of the globe who are facing death daily, spiritually and physically. They call it “the Arab Spring”, while spring is supposed to bloom into life and hope, everything in the Middle East points towards the rise of Islamic resurgence. Islam, having the germ of death inside it, continues to render many souls dead.

The muezzin keeps heralding his customary Islamic cry, “Allah Akbar” i.e. Allah is Great. We all have often wondered who is this Allah and whether He bears any resemblance to the God of the Bible. The answer is, and will always be, the God of the Bible is not the same as the Allah of the Quran while Allah is just an Arabic word meaning “a god”. But the God of the Bible is the God who fully reveals Himself as Father and sends His Son down to our world in order to lay His life down sacrificially, in deep self-denying love. Muslims can’t be saved except through this God of the Bible, and no supposed Arab Spring is going to bring any renewal to the Middle East.

As soon as the dictator of Lybia, Qadhadffi, was ousted, there came in the buds of Islamic oppression. Declaring that Libya was liberated, interim Prime Minister Mustafa Abdul-Jalil recently said that laws restricting polygamy would be nullified. Islamic Shariah law would be the basic source of legislation, he said, and new banks would comply with Islam's prohibition of interest and speculation. The Bible speaks to that condition in Philippians 3: 19, “Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.” Yet there is hope for the Muslims world and that hope is none other Jesus Christ. As He set me free from the oppressive bondage of Islam, I firmly believe He can do the same thing over and over again. We only have to be fully committed to sowing the seed of the Word of God patiently but joyfully.
We have to point out Muslims to Jesus who is All-attractive. I can visualize Jesus as He moves quietly about the Muslim countries nowadays, exercising His strange attractive power, as He exercises it even on those Muslims who don't want to surrender to Him. Jesus is just so attractive! This is the attractiveness of the Light of the World, of the One who has the Words of Eternal Life which everyone longs to hear, never forcing his demands, unlike Mohammed, but drawing people like a magnet, by the power of self-forgetful love. This attractive Jesus is the One I surrendered myself too in 1987, giving up Islam and becoming a Christian.

Jesus is the true liberator of the Muslim world today. For such a missionary goal, we labor day and night. Together we stand in prayer interceding and doing our missionary work, trusting Jesus alone to win their hearts over. We can’t put into words about how grateful we are to you for supporting us as we do our missionary outreach to Muslims. May it be a very blessed Christmas for all of you!


I am a Muslim who has been searching for God for a while. I have felt such void in my life and don’t know how I can fill it. Islam has not fully satisfied me, and from hearing your sharing I have come to believe that God’s love alone never fails. Yet I don’t know where to start. Would you be willing to help put my foot on the right path? I want to live fully for Christ and let nothing of this world entangle me. I am willing to renounce all and be fully the Lord’s. I am so restless, I need peace and only God’s way will grant me this peace I long to have. If you help me attain that peace, I would be grateful to you for the rest of my life. – From G. in Egypt

I'm writing to say how your testimony has touched my heart and given me more hope for my Muslim friend who is also from Egypt. My friend (A.) knows that I am a strong Christian and respects that, but just knowing that even though we don't talk about our religion often and knowing that he thinks he is in the right path and I'm not bothers me. We have gotten into some disputes about our religion a few times. I've decided to just allow him to experience what Christianity is about through knowing me and seeing how my choices are determined by God's will for my life. I'm asking that you all will please keep my friend in your prayers constantly. He is a great person, with a wonderful heart but hasn't found that salvation in Jesus Christ and because of how much I care about him I can't feel at peace in this situation until he has found Christ. –From C. in the Cayman Islands

I have been busy here witnessing the Christ Jesus. I have met a Pastor who is a convert from Islam all the way from Ethiopia and he is willing to spread the gospel here. Recently we had a serious debate with the Muslim Brothers in public. At this time I witnessed to them the Love of Christ. I tried to show them who Christ. They seem patient with us, but all in all it is not without challenges. Sometimes they sought to fight against us physically and intimidate us but we still move on. I am hopeful that we will be able to show “Jesus the Messiah” DVD in Arabic. This is my prayer that we will find breakthrough in all things. Keep me in your prayers. –From J. in Kenya
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MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us here at Global Radio Outreach!

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