March 2012 Newsletter

OUTREACH NEWS - Spring 2012

The Director's Chair
by Mike Bond

Placing the Gospel Anywhere in the World...
    I am so excited about the assignment that the Lord has given us, to build the Bisharat-Issa (Gospel of Jesus) Internet Radio Network. It will enable us to broadcast His good news in their languages, 24/7 and put it via the Internet anywhere (therefore everywhere) in the world. We’re already streaming our own programs over the Internet. You can hear them by going to this link:
and clicking which media player you want to use. Go ahead, go there now. This is only a test, because we’re now collecting recorded programs in those same languages that are made by other people and organizations.
    Soon there’ll be many hours in a day for each person to listen to in their very own language. Imagine, they’ll know about the God that speaks their language. However, we don’t plan to stop there. If we can deliver that sound, streaming anywhere in the world, then we can also do another thing. Anywhere that it can be heard, anyone can remove that audio output plug from their speakers and plug it into the microphone jack of a transmitter instead. Then, anything we put onto the Internet on this end will be automatically broadcast through their station or satellite station to their entire city, region or to their whole country - anywhere (everywhere?) in the world.
    Don’t be fooled. This is no quick project. This is a lifelong call, but with your help and prayers, no one in the world will escape hearing the Good News that Jesus died for their sins. So, how about it?

Meet Our Banquet Speaker
    Born in a small northern village in Egypt to Muslim parents, Ibrahim Arafat Seliman (also known as Timothy Abraham) was devoted to his religion. From a young age, he studied the Koran (the Islamic scriptures) and was taught to fear Allah (God of Islam). There was not a single reason to doubt a religion that emphasized fearing Allah, doing good works and living a moral life. At the age of 14 he joined a fanatical Muslim brotherhood.
    In his pursuit to propagate Islam everywhere, Ibrahim picked up a magazine which had pen-pal addresses from the United States. He chose one at random hoping to convert the man to Islam. John was a Christian. Ibrahim began to read every book he could find and in secret listened to Christian radio programs, simply to refute the Bible. For two years Ibrahim and John wrote back and forth, each trying to convert the other. Then John surprised Ibrahim by coming to his village. For two months, John was a living example of Christianity within Ibrahim's own home. John studied the Bible and prayed continually. So Ibrahim tried to impress him by reading the Koran more and praying to Allah.
    After John left, his influence stayed with Ibrahim. He began questioning the teaching of the Koran and those questions got him into trouble. After years of study, he came to a logical conclusion: The Bible is the infallible Word of God. He began to pray that God would show him the truth. After a week, Jesus appeared to Ibrahim in a vision saying, "I love you, I know you, and you are eternal." Timothy woke up with tears running down his face, filled with abundant joy, believing that Christ touched both his mind and heart.
    To learn more about Ibrahim and where God has led him over the years, come to our Annual Banquet on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Log onto our website for more information and to register.

Ministry Feedback
    I have lived in the United States my entire life, but only in the last 3 years have I come to know Christ and not simply know about Him. I attend college and have several Muslim friends from Qatar, whom I have spent the past 2 years getting to know as well as talking about our faith. Much of what you wrote are things we often discuss. Your testimony encourages me to know that the God we serve can indeed bring these Muslim men to the truth of Jesus Christ. I praise God for you and all he has done in and through you. -J. from U.S.

    I want to thank you with all of my heart for having talked to Afaf. I think that God is still working in her heart, and I pray that He is. Please keep praying for her, as I do. I want so badly for her to know Jesus, and for God to open the eyes of those who follow Islam, so that they will know that there is a God, but that He is one who does not just want slaves, but sons and daughters. -M.

    I’m a primary school teacher. The salvation of my family members is constantly on my prayer request  list.  Praise Jesus, my husband accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Thanks for standing in agreement with me for his salvation over the years. God is faithful. -N. from Pakistan

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