NEWSLETTER: Summer 2012



Summer 2012


Bisharat-Issa is Born!

By Mike Bond

            That’s right, the Bisharat-Issa (Gospel of Jesus) Internet Radio Network is born. It’s playing now! You can visit, push the listen live button and hear the Gospel stream to you the same way it can stream to hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christian converts from Islam anywhere in the world.

            You can also click to listen to many of the radio programs on demand. There are just a few up there so far. We have a lot of work now to do to get more and more programs up in more and more languages in order to reach more and more.

            We’ve been making wonderful progress, especially in the languages on Central Asian Muslims, languages like Uighur, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Central Asian Russian. We’ve even got a new radio teacher in Albania! The Lord has even blessed us with recorded Bibles in several languages that will soon be playing! We’re working hard to get all these up on the website to hear on demand. Many are already streaming on the station where you click to listen live. You may be able to join us here and help us with this work - see “Volunteers Needed” in this letter.

            We’re also making progress encouraging others to record their own programs. And we’re collecting the recorded programs of more who have already been on the radio and are looking for another station on which to reach Muslims. Before long we’ll be able to offer hours of listening in their own languages everyday!

            I amazed missionaries and national leaders at a conference for reaching Central Asian Muslims recently with the station. I demonstrated the station and how Muslims and new believers can not only listen, but how the station can be heard and connected to a radio station anywhere in the world and rebroadcast live to everyone living almost anywhere in the world. This was particularly meaningful because we had just heard about a lone believer in an isolated village of Kyrgyzstan who had no Christians in her daily life. She was surrounded by Muslim family and her entire village and region. She received only occasional pastoral visits. She could use this! It could change her life and the lives of millions of others like her!

            The potential for this is huge as we collect scattered radio programs from all over the world, help create new ones, and like little fires, we combine these into a great flamethrower to reach Muslims like never before. Please pray with us as we progress! 

Ministry Feedback


I thank the Lord who used you to bring about inner healing in my life. At one point, I dabbled into magic spells trying to get my husband back and win his approval. Thank you for showing me that the power of Jesus’ name and His redeeming blood will abolish the works of the devil. I feel released from the bondage of Satan. Thank you for showing me that one has to be immersed in the Word and live in a spiritual atmosphere of hymns and singing praises throughout the day and even going to bed, thus declaring the victory of Jesus over the Evil One. Jesus has abolished the works of darkness in my life. Thank you for being there to minister and pray.

From: N.


You are a brother with such a beautiful heart. You are fully humane showing the love of Christ to people, speaking the truth in love. I like the way how you word things as you speak them and I borrow your thoughts and share them as well with people I come in contact with. Your writings are on such a high level that I feel like I am reading for men who mentored me in the path of Christ. You speak under the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being there to encourage me in my walk with Christ.

From: R.



I have been blessed hearing your Global Radio Outreach gospel message a lot, especially when the servant of God shared on “Open-Air Meeting” it really touched me and I felt it is time for us to help our brothers and sisters suffering in their lives not only with tangible goods but also through our prayers for them. I learnt that we are all not perfect before the eyes of God hence we all need Jesus in our lives to so that we can bring up a God fearing family, especially our children.

From: R.


I have been encouraged through the teachings, preaching Gospel & Salvation message word of God on your program, I decided to start living a new life like in the story of Paul, if we confess our sins and turn to God, He is very faithful to forgive us our iniquities. I pray to God for your ministry and the workers that God uses for his own purpose like saving unbelievers and Muslims, hungry and thirsty souls here in Pakistan.

From: R.

Truly I’m sharing with you I have always been  blessed by your programs especially when there is trouble like sickness in my family it has encouraged me & all my family members, so much.

From: Y.



Your story is very powerful both with Christians ad Muslims alike. They can see your sufferings, your denial of your own family in Egypt, the amount of abuse you have to take dealing with Muslims, and for a person like me, still dealing with past sins that keep gnawing at me from time to time, I read what you share and I am challenged to keep my focus on Christ. I feel great peace reading your words of faith as you write things as they flow from your own spirit. You are a true brother to me as I read your insights of faith. Be strong and of good courage and let none of these persecutions or pains cause you to lose your joy. This too shall pass and only your heart shall remain with Jesus in it, full reigning and filling you with joy.

From: A.



My deepest thanks to you for your help with my questions on the Bible. I have liked your reply while I am not a Christian myself, and the reason is that I really love your faith experience and how you talk about God and how you see Him. I have been keeping up with you since 2008. You are one of the few people I love to listen to and I try to keep up with you as much as I can. Your words fill me with great faith that I need for myself, especially after I went through some severe hardships with my family. I am always looking for what builds my faith and you speak straight to the heart. Please pray for me to fully find God and have inner security and peace.

From: L.



One of the things that hinders us from reaching more Muslims is the lack of help for many of the daily tasks here at GRO.  So we are looking for volunteers to fill in the gaps. Chances are that you have a skill or could learn one that would help break this logjam for us.


There are many tasks, but some of the jobs include:


 -Envelope printing

 -Answering phone

 -Folding pamphlets


 -Website help

 -Copying radio programs into the computer

 -Audio editing

 -Simple maintenance tasks



 -Live within commuting distance or visiting the area for a significant time

 -Can commit to one to two days per week

 -A willingness to serve the Lord in a friendly Christian work environment


You could sure make a difference and be the reason that more Muslims hear the Gospel. Please consider it. You may write us, call us at 206-706-5906 or email us at                                                                            


Global Radio Outreach - E-Mission To Islam