NEWSLETTER: Spring 2014

volume twenty-four number one
by Ibrahim Seliman (Arabic Program Host)
    As we broadcast from Iraq, we still get feedback from all over the Gulf region. I get to correspond with pious Muslim sheiks from Bahrain and some others. In my ministry it feels like I am always on duty where Muslims as well as Christians of all denominations come seeking help via email, Viber app, Skype and all kinds of social media. We tweet the gospel as well as broadcast, we use every means possible whether in radio, writing, Youtube, and TV as people nowadays are more thirsty for the living water than any other times in history. There is political turbulence and in their distress they cry out and we are there introducing them to Jesus their only Healer. We are sowing His seeds. One never knows as thousands hear the Word and often a year or several years down the road a person would write and say I have been keeping up with everything you are teaching through the radio and in your writings.     Sometimes people would contact me with painful problems they want to talk about right before I would go to bed. I have found that being in ministry has not only blessed me in blessing others with the Lord, but I also live a praying life. The Lord often gives the answer to them as well as me. Often people would say to me things such as, “It feels as if you’ve read my mind and addressed what was weighing heavily in my heart.” We operate under God’s divine guidance and experience the living reality of His powerful ways. This is a God who saves and heals, not a concept in the mind for discussion. People rejoice as they pray with me and feel He is there with them, intervening and penetrating their lives in the most vivid details.

How Do You Feel About That?
by Mike Bond
    It is interesting that at banquet time this should come up again, but you may remember that last year our banquet speaker was Taysir (Tass) Saada. He the book wrote, “Once an Arafat Man”. That’s because that is what he was. He was a sniper in the early days of the intifada, the resistance of the PLO against Israel. He’d been a bad guy, an angry young man. He was so angry that he carried his work out with a vengeance, worked overtime snuffing out the lives of Israeli soldiers and officers. He was so bad that he was getting even Yassir Arafat a bad name, so much so that Arafat made him his personal driver in order to keep him close. When that wasn’t enough, even Arafat had to get rid of him lest he bring the power of the Israeli Defense Force on the heads of the PLO. Now that was something!
    Well, they shipped him off to the U.S. where he studied, married and got into business. Eighteen years later God gripped his heart through a Christian who treated him like an equal when he could have been cruel, and Tass got saved! Praise God for His work of grace and forgiveness in the life of a former killer.
    Eventually, the Lord called him into the ministry. As that ministry developed, God took him back to Israel, back to Palestine. And the Lord opened the door for him to again visit with Yassir Arafat. Tass shared his faith with Arafat, invited him to trust in Christ just 6 weeks before Arafat died. He didn’t trust Christ that day, but later another man came along and also shared and Arafat prayed the sinner’s prayer! Incredible! Was he sincere? I don’t know, but there’s a possibility that we may someday be greeted by Yassir Arafat in heaven.
    My question is, ‘How do you feel about that?’ For me, as I sit here writing that, tears of joy come to my eyes at the possibility. Did he deserve it? No, but did we? ‘Yes, but we’re talking about Arafat!’ Yes, I know that, but what about the Apostle Paul? He was a persecutor and a murderer! And God saved him! What about the thief on the cross next to Jesus? No time for works, just receiving grace at the last possible minute.
    How do we feel about that? The answer determines whether we really believe the Gospel or not! Christ plus what? The Cross plus what? And who is so bad that there is no hope? Apparently no one unless they refuse until it’s too late!
    So I ask again, ‘How do you feel about that?’  Again, I don’t know if he was sincere, but do you hope so? I do. And that’s why I’ll give the rest of my life finding ways to get the Gospel to Muslims throughout the Muslim world. I love what God does with a hopeless, evil life. After all, that’s the kind of life I was living. No, I didn’t kill anyone that I know of, but sin is sin. And salvation is salvation! Are you with me? Then decide how you’re going to feel about that and let’s get going!

    Every time I listen to you, I am confirmed that God is sending you specifically to me as I need a specific word from the Lord and then your word comes just at a perfect moment. You attune yourself to Him and He speaks through you to me in exactly what I need. I got the feeling that I didn’t feel God anymore as I fell short of the standard of His perfection. I felt there was no hope for me and this got me down. Then, I heard you you while I was in the midst of my despair. But I am used to Jesus being such speedily on time with me and answering me while I was yet thinking. He answered me before I called through your Spirit-anointed words. May He reward you for being in tune with Him so He can speak to me in my deepest need. -C. from Egypt

    I have watched you for over ten years before writing you this message. I have been reading you and wondered until I knew that you were actually a convert from Islam. While I am a Muslim myself I can’t help but listen to you and learn from you. You teach well in all fields such as religion, art, philosophy, literature and even topics we blush to discuss socially here in the Muslim world. You are the first Christian I have listened to who is not afraid to bring the views that may be opposite to Christianity. You give everybody fair, objective hearing. You encourage everybody to speak their minds and share whatever beliefs they might adhere to. Because you are so humane, I am keenly interested in what Christianity has to teach and I am always eager to hear what you have learnt from the Bible and I trust your judgement completely. -A. from Egypt

    What you teach always refreshes me and brings me joy. People ask you questions and you start from where they are asking, and so your topics always directly touching on our personal lives and answering questions we don’t dare ask people we meet from day to day. As you teach, you actually touch deep, sensitive spots inside people, and I am one of them. I am here to thank you for waking people up from their sleep and shake them out of their lethargy. -G. from Jordan

    We began a gospel meeting in our home, shared the radio gospel message in Urdu language. I know that your radio gospel message is very effective for us. After hearing this message I have got spiritual food, I and my husband and children. -J. from Pakistan

    I am so glad I started hearing your teaching and preaching messages. I am no longer a Christian that sits on my hands and suffers because I was taught that I must suffer. Your teaching and preaching messages are highly effective in my family and my life. Please give us more spiritual food. -S. from Pakistan

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