Mike Bond
Position: Executive Director / Founder

Michael and Joyce Bond became Christians in 1975 and received their call to full-time ministry in 1976. Mike is a 1981 graduate of Seattle Bible College. After serving several years with Union Gospel Mission, both during and after Bible College, the Bonds became missionaries to Papua New Guinea with Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship. They served there from 1984 through 1990. Mike was Senior Technical Officer during most of his time there, and was also involved in outreach around the villages of the Mugl-Baiyer area near their base in the village of Rugli. Their village ministry in Papua New Guinea centered on the nurturing of the Church through preaching, teaching, church planting, practical helps and leadership.

During their time in Papua New Guinea, the Lord burdened the Bonds with the needs of the lost of Islam, the greatest of all mission fields, encompassing over one billion people - one fifth of the world's total population. As a result, they founded Global Radio Outreach in 1991 to reach the Muslim world.

Global Radio Outreach - E-Mission To Islam