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During the school year:

Here at DCP we encourage healthy eating habits. Healthy Snack Ideas include: Goldfish, graham crackers, bananas, apple slices, pretzels, grapes, watermelon, yogurt cups, applesauce, cheese and crackers, raisins, celery, cucumber slices, carrots and hummus dip, mini bagels, strawberries, oranges, broccoli and dip, triscuits and cream cheese, bite sized sandwiches, baked tortilla chips and salsa, homemade trail mix with cereals (no nuts), cottage cheese, pineapple, garbanzo beans, hard boiled eggs, muffins, flavored rice cakes, animal crackers, green/red/yellow peppers, dried fruit, pretzels, melon, bread sticks, etc.

PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE A PEANUT/NUT FREE SCHOOL - This also includes PEANUT BUTTER & peanut butter crackers.

Sugary treats will be sent home (oreos, cookies, frosted animal crackers) with your child unless prior arrangements have been made with your child's classroom teacher. When sending birthday treats, DCP prefers mini cupcakes. When sending a birthday treat, please send a fruit or veggie, too.

Only 100% juice may be served at DCP. Please refrain from sending capri suns and juice boxes that are not 100% juice. Drinks are not necessary to send with snacks, as teachers prefer children drink water from their water bottles for snack time instead.





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