Extended Care Ministry

Our center is open from 7am until 6pm Monday through Friday. Children enrolled in Morning Extended Care receive breakfast when they arrive before 8am. Children are always welcome to bring their own appropriate breakfast food to school with them when they come to morning care. Morning Care is held in the Sky Pilots classroom and all children vertically grouped - that means all ages meet together regardless of age. Younger children are taken to their classrooms as their teachers arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 am. Our teaching team ensures your children are delivered to their proper classrooms when Preschool begins.
7:00  Center Opens / Exploratory Play
7:15  Breakfast is Served until 8am
8:00  Exploratory Play
8:45  Children are Delivered to Preschool Classrooms
Children enrolled in Afternoon Extended Care receive lunch. After lunch, we offer Nap Train option and Rest Train. All children in the Harbor, Swimming Hole, Treasure Trove and the Safari Trail class are on the Nap Train. Children in the Jungle Flyers, Sky Pilots and Discovery Hangar class have the option of Nap Train or Rest Train. Children on Nap Train participate in potty time, story time and then nap for approximately two hours. Children on the Rest Train take part in potty time, outdoor play time, rest time on a mat for 45 minutes, and then participate in quiet activities.
After Nap Train and Rest Train are over children have afternoon snacks and outdoor playtime, when the weather permits. Afternoon Enrichment time consists of centers that relate to our weekly themes as well as a small amount of free playtime as the day winds down. Children children may explore the learning centers and participate in quiet activities that interest them.
3:30 Exploratory Play
        Includes table and floor activities
        Outside Time
6:00 Center Closes
Our goal is to offer a safe, fun environment for your child to explore and discover about their world, themselves, and the God who created and loves them.

Destiny Christian Preschool