Arctic Escape Younger 2's

Half Day & Full Day
Potty Trained and Non-Potty Trained Two Year Olds
Children must turn 2 years old by September 1st of the current year to enroll in the two year old program at Destiny Christian Preschool.
At Destiny Christian Preschool our two year old class is designed for children just beginning to participate in group activities. Toilet training is a vital component to our program for two year olds. Our teachers develop a plan with parents to ensure success at home and school. Children are introduced to basic shapes, colors, name recognition, numbers and letters. Our goal is to teach children that God loves them, Jesus is their friend and they can love Him. They are taught basic Bible lessons and repeat simple Bible verses. Two year olds know their likes and dislikes and enjoy repetition and routines. Recognizing this, our teachers introduce new activities slowly over time.
Sample Class Schedule
7:00     Center Opens, Breakfast is Served
8:00     Transition to Classrooms for Exploratory Play
8:58     Doors Open for 9am Drop Off
9:00     Sign-In & Exploratory Play

9:25     Clean up

9:30     Circle Time

9:45     Restroom

10:00   Snack Time

10:25   Outside Time

10:55   Exploratory Play

11:20   Bathroom Time

11:40   Read Aloud

11:45   Lunch Time - 1/2 day 2's and 3's each lunch together

12:15   Restroom

12:30   Dismissal for 1/2 day children
12:30   Nap Time for Full Day Children
2:15    Wake up and Pack Up from Nap
2:30    Restroom
2:45    Exploratory Play
3:00    Dismissal for 3pm pick up
3:15    Snack
3:30    Outside Tim
4:15    Exploratory Play and Afternoon Art Activities
6:00    Center Closes


Destiny Christian Preschool