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Get Connected!

We have more than just Sunday Service! 

  Open small groups for Adults in different seasons of their life.
They go on during 1st and 2nd service, find the class that best fits you!
1st service:
Mixed Adults - Meets in room 101
Led by Dave and Lisa Smith
2nd Service:
Meets in room 101 (Mike Aiello)
Meets in room 103
Led by Cheryl Resop, Kathy Aiello,
Carol Goodpaster, and Debbie Moe
Mixed adults 55 and older - Meets in room 102
Young Married's
Married couples under 35 - Meets in room 107
 Led by Jason and Marcia Brent
3rd Service:
Everyone - Meets in the Underground
Led by Dan Kriel
Young Singles 
Singles under 30 - Meets Downstairs
Led by Dan Kelly and Geri Chester
Everyone - Meets in room 102/104

Older Married
Older couples over 35 - Meets in room 107
Led by Bryan and Lori Womer



Wednesday Night Series