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This ministry serves parents attending Sunday morning church services by caring for their children five years old and younger.  This makes it possible for parents to more fully participate in church services.  The Nursery is open when volunteers are available. Our goal is to provide excellent care to each child and the knowledge that Jesus loves them very much. 


Parents must abide by the policies set regarding use of the nursery.  Parents are always welcome to observe, assist and/or participate in their child’s nursery experience.  The Fairview Baptist Church Children’s Ministry asks that each parent/guardian of children regularly attending the nursery sign up and volunteer to help in the nursery periodically.

Nursery Ministry Model

The nursery is designed to provide care for our youngest members and guests (ages 5 years and younger) during Sunday Morning Worship. 
Fairview parent(s) are required to volunteer at least one rotating Sunday.  If the volunteering parent is not available on their scheduled Sunday, he/she may have someone to work in their place as a stand-in (stand-ins must be 18 years).  The young mothers of Fairview are not required to be 18 years of age to volunteer in the nursery. 
  • Sign-in/Sign-out 
    • Toddlers must be signed in and out   
    • If toddler(s) has attended Sunday School, parents are required to pick the child up and take him/her to the restroom, get him/her a drink of water if needed, and sign the toddler in with the Nursery volunteer of that day. 
    • Toddler(s) must be picked up and signed out no later than 15 minutes after Morning Worship has ended.
  • Volunteers/Workers
    • Fairview parents (or stand-ins) must volunteer to work at least one rotating Sunday.
    • Volunteers are welcome!
    • All volunteers must be 18 yeas of age.

Contact Information:
Patricia Trimble-Walckhoff