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This ministry is the educational arm of the church under the Christian Education Ministry. Study Groups are provided for ALL age groups. The objectives are to educate Christians into a personal consciousness of God and to develop a person relationship with Him.  Classes sponsored by other Ministries are held during the Sunday-School hour, including special groups for New Members (Adults and Youth), Married Couples, Singles and Evangelism.


Sunday School Model

Our Sunday School is a vital part of the Total Education Program under the Christian Education Ministry.  Our objectives are:

To educate Christians in growing into a personal consciousness of God as a reality in human experience, and developing a sense of personal relationship to Him

  • To seek and develop an understanding and appreciation of the life and teaching of Jesus, truly making Him our Lord and Savior
  • To exemplify Him in our daily lives
These objectives are necessary for progressive growth and continual development of Christian character.  We try to foster an education experience that will help encourage each Christian to contribute constructively to the building of a social order throughout the community and world that is pleasing to God, embodying the truth of fatherhood and the brotherhood of mankind.
Furthermore, we seek to foster the growth and development of each member in their ability and disposition to actively participate in other ministries of our church.  We are one big Christian family, and we try to stress the importance of every member’s responsibility to support our church family through time, talent and tangibles (money).
We have study groups for all ages:  New Members Orientation, Evangelism, Singles Study Group, Marrieds Study Group, Adult Groups, Young Adults (18-22 and 23-35), Preschool to Seniors.