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I'm new


We are always glad to welcome new persons into the network of friendships that exists here at Faith Alliance. We believe life is about two primary relationships: loving God and loving other people. We're doing our best to excel in both areas!

It's our goal to know Christ better, to become more like Him in attitude and lifestyle, and to serve people - both locally and globally - in His name. We have discovered a quality of life in Christ that we have found nowhere else, and it's our passion that others can discover this life as well. At Faith, we think you'll find a faith community that genuinely cares for one another as we seek to follow Christ together.

If you have questions about the church and where to begin to meet people, please call us at 419-629-3688 or e-mail us at We would love to help you feel more at home. Whether you are a committed believer or just exploring the claims of Christianity, we would love to have you among us! May God pour His love and joy into your life!